Rubinelli Vajol

Buy Rubinelli Vajol Wines at Wimbledon Wine Cellar

Rubinelli Vajol, a beautiful family-owned estate in the Veneto region, joined our stable of exclusive Italian growers in 2015, bringing to our selection their stunning range of Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone, each of which massively overdelivers with sweet ripe fruit, silky structure and superb value for money.

Whenever we sign up a new small grower, we always ask them to recommend other producers whose wines they admire - as in many areas of life, a word of mouth recommendation is usually the best guide to finding quality.

So it was with Rubinelli Vajol, whose wines were described by another grower each as tasting like it comes from the higher, more expensive, appellation - so their basic Valpolicella Classico tastes like a (better and more expensive) Superiore, the Superiore tastes like a Ripasso, the Ripasso an Amarone - and the Amarone is simply one of the most intense and full-flavoured wines available in the world.