Jean-Marc et Thomas Bouley

Bouley and Peter - Wimbledon Wine Cellar

From father to son through numerous generations, the Bouley family cultivates vineyards in Volnay. In the last century, from 1919, François Bouley managed the family estate. Christian succeeded him in 1948.  Jean-Marc created his own domaine in 1974, to which his father’s vineyards were added in 1984. In 2002, Thomas joined the domaine and took over management in 2012. His main objective is to join the great domaines in Volnay.

Thomas is one of the most dynamic wine makers, not just in Volnay but in all of Burgundy. At a young age he took over all responsibility for winemaking at his father's estate. He is part of a group of young enthusiastic friends who share information and work hard to be the best in their appellations. Indeed, he was recommended to us by Olivier Lamy, who has been reviewed by as producing some of the best whites of the 2019 and 2020 vintages. Thomas Bouley is charming, enthusiastic and has time for everyone. His wines are making waves and he continues to delight all of our clients with these silky, fleshy, polished wines. He is all about the vineyard - and the terroir of each parcel sings to you as you taste. From his humble Aligoté which is delicious, to his Volnay Carelles that takes your breath away to his Beaune that seduces your palate... We cannot recommend his wines highly enough.

Tasting here is a real pleasure. From his simple and bright tasting room one has a commanding view of Volnay and the surrounding villages and vineyards. On a summer's day it’s a beautiful place to be.

“Thomas Bouley – a great source for quality Volnay”Jasper Morris, Inside Burgundy

“One of Volnay’s ablest viticulturists and wine makers. Thomas Bouley presides over this 8.5 hectare domaine. Wine making is classical. The influence of new oak is minimal. These are supple new perfumed wines with lovely textural elegance and concentration that comes from the vineyards. Bouley is justly proud of an excellent portfolio of red Burgundies.”  William Kelley

“I am hoping to add a few bottles to my own cellar and recommend them to readers…”  William Kelley

2021 Vintage

2021 was neither the best of times nor the worst of times, though it came close to the latter on occasion. It really was an exceptionally difficult growing season... But do not panic, the wines taste much better than the weather conditions might have suggested. Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy on the 2021 Vintage

...take the chance to stock up on Volnay ... which shows the elegance and fragrance of their appellations in a way that has perhaps been missing for the last few years. Jasper Morris, Inside Burgundy on the 2021 Vintage