Domaine Ninot

Domaine Ninot

Allen Meadows " Ninot is one of those hot vignerons whose wines can be found on many 2 and 3 Michelin star restaurants wine lists. "  

Allen Meadows "Erell professes to search for elegance above all else. "

2018 Burgundy " A vintage to rival the mythical 1947. "

This charming brother and sister team, Erell and Flavien Ninot has managed to carve out a perfect niche that most wineries can simply dream of. Having taken over the 12 hectare estate which is split 50/50 between red and white from their father, they have worked tirelessly to phenomenally increase the quality of their wine. With idyllic plots, Flavien tends the vineyards and allows organic farming for their brilliantly sited old vine sites to lead the way in the Chalonnaise.

The Chalonnaise has a long tradition of supplying the world with excellent value Pinot and Chardonnay but often gets overlooked by enthusiasts as it's difficult to compete with the Côte de Nuit's illustrious names. These guys have nailed price and value. Don't hesitate to stock up on their 2018's