Italian Wine Tasting Events coming up

Italian Wine Tasting Events coming up at Wimbledon Wine Cellar

We have some glorious events coming up at Wimbledon Wine Cellar. We're truly celebrating the Italians at the moment, so we have 2 confirmed events booked in.

The first is in the evening of Friday 8th June 2018 and it's being hosted at the fabulous location of Wimbledon Wine Cellar itself. Come and try out some of Antinori's en Primeur wines we have available for you to taste - with charcuterie of course! Read more about the evening and buy tickets here.

The second confirmed event is lunchtime on Sunday 14th October 2018 and is set to be a show-stopper. At the Wimbledon-renowned super restaurant San Lorenzo, we have a tasting of some of the best wines Italy have to offer now and some of the new releases too, from the likes of Fattoi, Stroppiana and La Spinetta to name a few. Don't miss out, read more and buy tickets here.