Beautiful Bizot!

Bizot visit and wine tasting - wimbledon wine cellar

It was a pleasure to welcome Jean-Yves Bizot and his “right hand man” Victor Gaston to the UK. It was a really special three days...

I collected Jean-Yves and Victor at 8am from Heathrow and drove straight to Bath. We left our bags at our friend's house and went for a spot of lunch and a bit of sightseeing. Jean-Yves and Victor hit the weather just right. With the English summer in full swing, for lunch we enjoyed some wonderful English flat fish and seafood which is world renowned, with some gorgeous English countryside and some local Ale. Bath shone for us.

We then sat down at a friend’s house to enjoy a gorgeous barbeque and wonderful wine until late. Here we enjoyed older Bizot vintages and it was wonderful to see the style of the domaine with some bottle age. Whilst 2006 Vosne-Romanee was stylish and fleshy, the 2011 was fresh, precise and one of the finest bottles of Bizot that we have tasted. All of you that have this vintage are in for a real treat! The wine is probably midway through its life and is now settling into its armchair. I think it is in its perfect drinking window. It is singing!  We were all amazed at Les Violettes Bourgogne Blanc 2010. At 13 years of age, the wine was splendid. Rich in flavour and taking at least 5 hours to open fully. The bouquet is unique and flavours in the mouth are intense. This really has a style of Grand Cru white and more. It left the Meursault Genevrieres 2012 wanting. Whilst the Mersault was splendid, it was no match for the incredible Les Violettes, which left us all in shock!

Then it was onto London the next day for the evening at Chez Bruce, where guests were entertained to the newest selection of Bizot vintages along with these beautiful bottles (below). At the Chez Bruce dinner, the Vosne-Romanee Jachées 2018 stood out for most people. It had a richness and fruit was in abundance. Whilst youthful, it’s easy to see where this wine will go. It will, in time, be more plush and polished.

Then on to our third day at Medlar, in Chelsea. We sat down to dinner again with another 12 Burgundy aficionados, and, like at Chez Bruce, tasted the same Bizot wines.

These two consecutive nights at top London restaurants were two splendid evenings. To top it off, we were looked after by two of London’s best sommeliers who were both extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and made sure the wines were served beautifully. After 4 hours of breathing we were fortunate enough that the wines were singing!

Throughout our trip, all of the wines that we drank, whether younger or older vintages, were all in absolutely perfect condition which is why storing your wines correctly is just so important.

What was extraordinary about all 3 evenings is that it brought home to people that this estate is truly terroir and not appellation orientated. Throughout the range there was class. And it was incredible to believe that Vosne-Romanee and les Vosne-Romanée Jachées did not outclass the Marsannay Clos du Roy. Whilst many people are now talking of the great terroir of Marsannay Clos du Roy, it’s easy to see why Bizot was the first person to realise that this special parcel really is a great terroir. He was and is, the driving force behind Marsannay Clos du Roy. Wherever he decides to make wine, it’s because he has a true belief in the terroir. The world of wine is now awaiting his next release, Corton Charlemagne 2022. I have had the joy of tasting this from barrel and it is indeed a trendsetter. He believes that Corton Charlemagne in the lieu-dic of le Charlemagne has the ability to produce the greatest white wines in Burgundy. It will be interesting to taste the finished wine.

We also had the pleasure on this trip, to show a much anticipated wine, his Morey Saint Denis Clos de la Bidaude. This truly has the hallmark of Bizot. Purity, purity, purity. It was a dream come true for Bizot. He purchased the parcel of Clos de Roy in Marsannay in 2007. Whilst he has tried to buy other parcels of land, it just never happened. The parcel is beautifully sited above the Clos des Lambrays. 900 bottles of red and 300 bottles of white can be expected in a good year. People were stunned. He has proudly restored the arch of the Clos and we look forward to many more vintages.