Paladin Prosecco Frizzante Tappo Spago

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Exquisitely fresh, light, delicate and effervescent small-grower Prosecco

When it comes to Italian sparkling wine, there's Prosecco and then there's Prosecco. While it's possible to pick up extremely cheap, mass-produced Prosecco at any supermarket, it doesn't bear much resemblance (other than the name) to the top quality, small-grower Prosecco we prefer to drink - and, if our experience is anything to go by, it certainly gives you a headache in the morning.

So, if you want a taste of what real Prosecco is about, don't hesitate to reserve a case of our new and UK-exclusive Tappo Spago Prosecco Frizzante from Paladin - we spent months searching, visiting and tasting in order to find the Tappo Spago - so we're extremely confident when we say that we think this is Italy's best Prosecco


A recurring theme amongst the best small growers around the world is the influence of family - often a new generation of winemakers have taken over their family estates and turned the clock back to simpler, more artisan techniques in the vineyard and cellar, in the quest for better quality.

And so is the way with the Paladin family - while never exactly bulk producers of Prosecco, a cut in yields and a less interventionist approach in winemaking by the current generation has seen the quality of their Prosecco transform from merely good to simply outstanding.

In fact, it's the best Prosecco we've tasted.

Vinified from the best quality fruit of the family's Venetian estate and hand-bottled with the string tie-over traditional to the region, the Tappo Spago Frizzante is exquisitely fresh, light, delicate and effervescent.

Offering a light sparkle, rather than a full-on Champagne fizz, the Frizzante gives wonderfully aromatic aromas of spring flowers and nectarines, with a beautifully refreshing and easy-drinking palate.

You'll be amazed by how easy it is to see a bottle of the Tappo Spago off - if you open one for lunch, we highly recommend you have another on stand-by in the fridge, since one bottle is very rarely enough!

Drink: Now - 2018

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£86.34 a case (6 x 75cl)