Gaja Chardonnay Rossj Bass 2021 - Under bond

gaja rossj bass - wimbledon wine cellar

2021 Rossj-Bass displays the main features of the vintage well, with intense fruit concentration and floral notes. The nose shows ripe citrus notes of lemon peel and orange evolving into tropical fruits. The richness of the nose and the same notes are reflected on the palate, where remarkable acidity balances the fruit concentration. The wine is rich, full-bodied and creamy, with a long finish.

Vineyards: From vineyards In Barbaresco and Serralunga.

Vintage: Abundant snowfall and low temperatures led to an unusually severe, rainy winter, followed by a dry spring. Temperatures picked up again in mid-March, accelerating the plant life cycle. Unfortunately, the cold temperatures returned on April 7 and 8 with icy winds that channeled through the valleys and affected the lower vineyards, especially in the Barbaresco area. In Sorì San Lorenzo, where the sprouts(buds?)were already 30 cm long, 30% damage was recorded. Other Barbaresco vineyards affected by frost recorded minimal losses of 5%. Our Barolo vineyards are located at higher altitudes and survived the frost unscathed. The summer rolled out dramatically with a bright and windy start, hot and violent mid-season, characterized by frequent thunderstorms, and ended hot and dry. While both benefited from thunderstorms that cooled the land, powdery mildew became a real threat in Barbaresco in July. A redeeming rainfall came at the end of August, refreshing Barbaresco and Barolo and making the white varieties ready for harvest in early September.

Vineyard Profile

Vineyards: Barbaresco and Serralunga

Appellation: Langhe D.O.P.

First Year of Production: 1988

Winemaking: Steel fermentation and aging in oak for six months.

Enjoy with: Grilled and Roasted White Meats, Pizza/Pasta, Salads and Picnics, Pumpkin gnocchi with butter and sage


Wine Features

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£295.00 a case (6 x 75cl)