Dubreuil Fontaine

Domaine Dubreuil Fontaine

We were introduced to this super domaine by a friend, who like us simply adores Burgundy and works each year in the vineyards during the harvest. He had tasted several vintages at the domaine and was overwhelmed by the shere quality but relative anonymity of these truly excellent bottlings. We thought we would investigate on our next trip and met the wonderful Christine Gruere - Dubreuil who runs a top flight winery. In the beautiful hillside of Pernand Vergelesses, the winery which is purely quality driven bottles from 20 appellations from Grand Cru, 1er Cru and village holdings of some lesser known names. For thirty years she  has single-handedly crafted sexy, silky wines that are a credit to somewhat overlooked villages such as Pernand and Savigny that are usually sidestepped by Burgundy enthusiasts  when it comes to making their en primeurs selection. . Having taken over the estate from her father, she has continued to pursue, gorgeous cherry fruit, silk and perfume through the range. The biggest and most powerful expression is the Corton Clos du Roi , an absolute masterpiece; and again from an abandonded appellation. The family owns and lives at the monopole of Clos Berthet which pound for pound is one of the best value whites on our list this year. Silky finish,still taut ,it will become a thoroughbred. The family holdings in Aloxe, Pommard and  Volnay, should not be overlooked. Elegant, majestic, beautifully structured pinot at terrific prices. The Corton Charlemagne will also provide you with immense joy. A great appellation that varies immensely from grower to grower. Dubreuil's Corton Charlemagne is so expressive, a richness, and bouquet that will astound you in years to come. 25% new oak is used for the village wines,which  moves up to 35% for the 1er and Grand Crus.     

Some facts
Corton Charlemagne - youngest  parcel planted 1950 - oldest 1975
30% new oak for 12 months

Beaune Montrevenots - just above Clos des Mouches  which is over three  times the price ...just along the Pommard border. Hand picked and gently pressed is sumptuous.After 5 years of cellaring,it's a joy.

Pernand Vergelesses - Ile des Vergelesses red - perfect expression of cherry fruit. This is the House style - gently, cherry like, seductive finish. 

Clos Berthet Blanc - only 1 of 6 1er crus classified as 1er Cru in the Pernand Vergelesses appellation and the only monopole in Pernand Vergelesses. After 5 years, the fruit will be superb. The wine is made barrel by barrel and is the flagship of the Domaine. 

A snapshot of the domaine  from Neal Martin MW from Robert Parker.com 

" A wonderful Beaune Montrevenots, a stunning Pernand Vergelesses, Ile des Vergelesses red and a cracking Corton Clos du Roi. An address that I think is producing underrated wine that deserves a wider audience. 

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