Burgundy 2015 En Primeur Offer

Burgundy 2015 En Primeur Offer:

**Join us to taste a selection of 2015s at our en primeur tasting on Friday 10th February**

Reserve your selection from our 2015 Burgundy en primeur offer; a year of exquisite quality wines and a must-buy vintage for any Burgundy-lover, especially given the extreme damage to the crop and subsequent shortages that will be experienced in the 2016 vintage.

A warm, dry and sunny year for Burgundy, with daytime temperatures averaging a degree above the long-term average, many of our growers are comparing their wines to the great years of 2010 and 2005, with exquisitely ripe fruit, silky tannins and wonderfully pure fragrance.

Especially the red wines in 2015 offer pure Burgundian class: hedonistically expressive fruit wrapped up in Pinot Noir’s classically delicate, silky structure. The whites too have a strong offering, with their succulent texture suggesting early to mid-term drinking will see them at their best.

However, several of our growers, including Bruno Desaunay and Vincent Ledy, have reacted to the extreme damage to their crop experienced in 2016 by choosing not to release a 2015 en primeur offer. With near nothing to sell from 2016, we will be offering these growers’ wines through parcels shipped over the next couple of years.

So, while it’s easy to be cynical about mass-media reporting of Prosecco shortages, or Bordeaux describing yet another year as a “vintage of the century”, there genuinely will be shortages of fine Burgundy wine in the next year – so we strongly advise our clients to fill their cellars now, while such a fabulously high-quality vintage is on offer.

All prices shown offered in bond, per six. Terms & Conditions apply:

Domaine d’Ardhuy

Working in one of the most picturesque estate houses and cellars in Burgundy, which lies just off the Route des Grands Crus (pictured above), Domaine d’Ardhuy’s winemaker Carel Voorhuis vinifies a wonderfully textured, silky and full-flavoured range of wines.

The domaine’s Ladoix wines offer particularly good value, with much of the fruit declassified from their Corton vineyards. The estate’s entire production has been certified biodynamic since 2012.

White Wines:                                                                                                                                                                 

Ladoix, 1er Cru Blanc 'Le Rognet' Monopole:£130                                                         

Beaune, 1er Cru 'Petit Clos Blanc des Theurons': £155                                                      

Puligny Montrachet, 'Le Trézin' £185                                                                       

Puligny Montrachet, 1er Cru 'Sous le Puits' £220                                         

Red Wines:

Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru ‘Aux Clous’ £95                                                                

Beaune, 1er Cru 'Champs Pimonts' £125

To reserve any wines in the offer, please contact us with your selection.


Domaine Chanson

That Domaine Chanson has been revitalised from a mid-weight, but unexciting negociant house, into one of the finest larger wine producers in Burgundy, is thanks largely to the influence of two people: Gilles de Courcel and Jean-Pierre Confuron; each of them the scions of significant wine growing families in the region.

With the financial muscle of Champagne house Bollinger wisely deployed into vineyard and cellar, Chanson’s wines now display the richness and power, combined with purity, elegance and silkiness, to make any Burgundy lover weep with joy.

White Wines:

Savigny-Lès-Beaune Hauts-Marconnets 1er Cru £95

Pernand-Vergelesses Les Caradeux 1er Cru  £160

Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Mouches £350

Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Chenevottes £275

Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru £465

Red Wines:

Santenay 1er Cru Beauregard £140

Savigny-Dominode 1er Cru £165

Pernand-Vergelesses Les Vergelesses 1er Cru £155

Beaune 1er Cru Teurons £160

Beaune Clos des Fèves 1er Cru £295

Corton Grand Cru £335

To reserve any wines in the offer, please contact us with your selection.


Domaine Dubreuil-Fontaine

Recommended to us in the 2014 vintage, by a Burgundy-loving client who took part in Dubreuil-Fontaine’s grape harvest a number of years ago, we were blown away by the gorgeous silkiness offered by the estate’s wines.

2015 was a super year for the domaine, with incredible fruit richness and intensity – yet the wonderful elegance and delicate structure we adored in the 2014s hasn’t been lost in the slightest. Well worth having in the cellar.

White Wines:

Pernand Vergelesses Blanc £105

Red Wines:

Pernand Vergelesses Rouge Clos Berthet £110

Aloxe-Corton £140

Pommard £140

Volnay £140 **SOLD OUT**

To reserve any wines in the offer, please contact us with your selection.


Domaine Michel Gros

One of the very best tastings we have ever experienced chez Michel Gros. He likens the vintage to 2005 “with softer tannins”. His favourite vintages are 2005 and 2010 and Michel believes 2015 to be at the same level.  According to Michel, “It was a good vintage with a dry summer. There was lots of sun, 200 more hours than normal and temperatures were 1 degree C. hotter than usual”  Top quality wines from a high class address.

Bourgogne Rouge  £90 

Hautes Côtes de Nuits Rouge  £95 

Hautes Côtes de Nuits Blanc ‘Fontaine St Martin’ £115 

Hautes Côtes de Nuits Rouge ‘Fontaine St Martin’ £115 

Vosne Romanée £270 

Chambolle Musigny £270 

Morey St Denis En la Rue de Vergy £210 

Nuits Saint Georges £210 

Nuits Saint Georges les Chaliots £210 

Nuits Saint Georges, 1er Cru £355 

Vosne Romanée, 1er Cru Aux Brulées £420 

Vosne Romanée, 1er Cru Clos des Réas - Monopole £480 **SOLD OUT**

Clos Vougeot, Grand Cru £650

To reserve any wines in the offer, please contact us with your selection.


Louis Jadot:

One of the largest owners of vineyards in the Burgundy region, Jadot boasts the singular distinction of offering both consistent quality and large volumes of their well-priced, everyday drinking wines, as well as some of the finest and most age-worthy Premier and Grand Cru wines, bar none.

While, like most true Burgundy-lovers, we adore the small artisan growers of the region, the quality and value of Louis Jadot's wines are such that we'd always recommend adding a case or two to your en primeur selection.

White Wines:

Pernand-Vergelesses ‘Les Combottes’ £135

Savigny les Beaune ‘Les Vergelesses’ £145

Beaune Greves Premier Cru £180

Meursault Blagny Premier Cru £310

Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru ‘Les Referts’ £330

Red Wines:

Santenay ‘Clos de Malte’ £130

Pernand-Vergelesses Premier Cru ‘Clos de la Croix de Pierre’ £135

Beaune Premier Cru ‘La Mignotte’ £170

Beaune Theurons Premier Cru £185

Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru ‘Les Drazeys’ £260

Volnay Santenots Premier Cru £285

Corton Greves Grand Cru £370

To reserve any wines in the offer, please contact us with your selection.


Domaine Paul et Marie Jacqueson

Father and daughter, Paul and Marie have now moved to impressive new cellars in the heart of the village. This has given them more room to work and the investment is already bearing fruit. Their wines are great favourites in the finest Michelin starred restaurants of France offering, as they do, a taste of the Côte d'Or at a fraction of the price.

They were very pleased in 2015. They began picking on 3rd September, in fine conditions, and watched bunch after bunch of perfect grapes pass before them on the sorting table. The red wines are some of the very best we have ever tasted at this iconic domaine, but their whites, whilst fuller and riper than usual, are also excellent. According to Marie Jacqueson, “A magnificent vintage, which could prove to be unforgettable in the future. Time will tell”.

White Wines:

Bouzeron Les Corderes £75 

Rully Blanc Pucelle £90

Rully Blanc Gresigny  £90 

Rully Blanc Margotées  £90 

Red Wines: 

Rully Rouge Les Chaponnières £80 

Rully Rouge 1er Cru Les Cloux £90 

Mercurey Les Vaux £80 

Mercurey 1er Cru Les Naugues £90

Mercurey 1er Cru Rouge Champ Martin £100

To reserve any wines in the offer, please contact us with your selection.


Patrick Javillier:

Patrick Javillier, as well as being one of the most characterful growers in Burgundy, is also a winemaking genius. No doubt spurred on by his love of food and wine, Javillier's wines are full of passion, flavour and epitomise excellence.

His wines (predominantly white) are textbook for Meursault - and represent a style of rich, textured, but elegant white Burgundy, that winemakers all over the world aspire (but usually fail) to emulate.

White Wines:

Bourgogne Blanc ‘Cuvée des Forgets’ £60

Bourgogne Blanc ‘Cuvée Oligocène’ £100

Meursault ‘Clos du Cromin’ £190

Puligny Montrachet ‘Les Levrons’ £225

Corton Charlemagne £510 **SOLD OUT**

Red Wines:

Aloxe Corton £165

To reserve any wines in the offer, please contact us with your selection.


Domaine Hubert Lamy

Saint-Aubin has always been the source of some of Burgundy’s best value, high quality white wines; nestled in the gap in the hills above Chassagne and Puligny-Montrachet, the weather can be a little more varied.

However, in great years like 2014 and 2015 - and in the hands of great winemakers like Olivier Lamy - its wines can be considered as much better priced equals to their more illustrious counterparts from the Montrachets and Meursault, as Jancis Robinson made clear in the FT last year.

Olivier took over his father Hubert’s domaine in 1995. Continuing Hubert’s modernisation of the domaine, Olivier is now regarded as one of the finest winemakers in Saint Aubin.

Saint Aubin La Princée £120 

Saint Aubin 1er Cru Les Frionnes £150

Saint Aubin 1er Cru Les Frionnes Magnums (3x150cl) £185 

Saint Aubin 1er Cru Clos du Meix £150 

Santenay 1er Cru Clos des Gravières Blanc £150 

Chassagne Montrachet Le Concis du Champs £205

To reserve any wines in the offer, please contact us with your selection.


Domaine Christian Moreau

Fabulous wines from Fabien Moreau – one of the real superstar producers of Chablis. As always, Fabien was very insightful – “2015 was a really good, warm summer. The wines are bigger, but with good acidity. More freshness than 2009, more like 2005. More classic than 2013, with no tropical flavours.

Unfortunately Fabien suffered extensive hail damage around harvest time, losing 35% - 40% of his crop. As a result, allocations will be even tighter than usual this year – so please do not delay reserving your selection, to avoid disappointment.

Chablis 1er Cru Vaillon £105 

Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos £190 

Chablis Grand Cru Valmur £190 

Chablis Grand Cru Vaudésir £190 

Chablis Grand Cru Clos des Hospices £270 **SOLD OUT**

To reserve any wines in the offer, please contact us with your selection.


Domaine Anne Parent

Anne Parent can trace 12 generations of winemakers in her family stretching back to the 17th century, including an ancestor who became the personal wine advisor to Thomas Jefferson and amongst the first to export Burgundy wines to what became the United States.

But this grand history certainly doesn't show in Anne's demeanour; she's one of the most charming, witty and talkative winemakers you're likely to meet in Burgundy, with a pragmatic and straightforward nature, which results in a wonderfully charming range of fruit-driven and silky wines.

As Parker puts it: "I have a lot of time for the wines of Anne Parent," continuing, "this is a domaine that deserves more attention than it currently receives, a source of pure Pommard; wines that seem to be improving year on year under the guidance of Anne and her team. What is more, prices are very reasonable, which means that everyone can enjoy her wines."

White Wines:

Bourgogne Chardonnay (2014) £75

Red Wines:

Bourgogne Pinot Noir £70

Bourgogne Pinot Noir Magnum (3x150cl) £95

Pommard £215 **SOLD OUT**

Beaune, 1er Cru ‘Les Epenottes’ £230

Pommard, 1er Cru ‘Les Epenots’ £430

Pommard, 1er Cru ‘Les Epenots’ Magnum (3x150cl) £450

Corton, Grand Cru ‘Les Renardes’ £525

Corton, Grand Cru ‘Les Renardes’ Magnum (3x150cl) £545 **SOLD OUT**

To reserve any wines in the offer, please contact us with your selection.


Terms and Conditions:

All prices shown (unless indicated otherwise) are in bond per six bottles and, therefore, exclude import duty and VAT. For an explanation of the en-primeur buying process, or to set up a bonded storage account for your wine, contact staff on 020 8540 9979, or visit our Wimbledon store.

Any en primeur reserves will be invoiced immediately and must be settled within 14 days by cash, cheque, bank transfer, or debit card. Failure to settle invoices within this period may result in cancellation of orders without notice.

Wine is offered ‘en primeur’ and, therefore, is currently lying at the domaine in France. Shipping to your LCB storage account is charged at a one-off rate of £18 including VAT, for any size of order. No further shipping cost will be incurred by any additions you make to your Burgundy 2015 order from future Burgundy 2015 en primeur offers.

Wines will be shipped when released by their domaine in 12 – 18 months’ time and you will be contacted once they arrive to arrange transfer to your bonded storage account, or onwards delivery.